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Growing Your Own Home Inspection Business vs. Working for a Company

Kevin 6/15/20 12:14 PM

Growing your own home inspection business is hard. Really hard.

Not to mention the whole COVID thing - which made it extremely hard on new home inspection companies.

Some new home inspectors are opting for joining a multi-inspector company that can weather the storm.

Some see this as an opportunity, as many great businesses are born in a recession.

No matter which direction you go here are some pros and cons of going at it solo vs. joining a larger home inspection company.



  • You are building personal relationships based on your personality
  • Your outputs (financial, pride of ownership, freedom) are a direct reflection of your inputs (time, energy, effort)
  • You can choose when to work more/less
  • You can make changes quickly
  • You are building business value that could be sold someday


  • You wear all hats - marketing, customer service, sales, technology, home inspector
  • Slow times can put your business at risk
  • Everyone wants to talk to you
  • You might have to outsource areas of your business
  • No time for marketing to agents

Joining a Multi-inspector Company


  • You get to only inspect homes - no marketing, scheduling, email follow ups, etc.
  • Resources - you have mentorship and a team to work with
  • Job security in all economic times
  • Existing and long-lasting relationships with brokerage offices
  • Ability to grow into leadership roles (inspector manager, operations)


  • Upside is capped - you get paid hourly or a flat fee per inspection
  • No direct control over how many jobs you get
  • You won't make business-level decisions (could be a pro if you don't want that responsibility)

If you're a new home inspector struggling to get to cruising altitude - check out Spectora Jobs marketplace. Joining a larger team can be a great way to stay in the industry and learn the ropes in a stable environment.

Did I miss any pros or cons? Which do you think is better?

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