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Communicating with your team, agents, & clients with Spectora Conversations

Agnes Sokol 2/6/24 9:00 AM

As a home inspector, you need to be in sync with your agents, clients, and inspectors during busy days in the office and the field. Toggling back and forth between your SMS app and your report-writing app can waste valuable time. 

But what if you could improve on-the-go communications with your most crucial partners and clients directly in Spectora?

Introducing Spectora Conversations

The new Spectora Conversations feature allows you to do just that. If you have a custom number, you can now leverage it to message your clients, inspectors, and agents while seeing the entire context of communication between your company and the contact with the inclusion of automated messaging in line with your conversation thread.

You can also easily utilize actions-based messages they may currently receive, and your recipients will receive the text message you send them directly on their phones.Spectora Conversations Demo

You can use Spectora Conversations to quickly and easily follow up with clients post-inspection, coordinate with fellow inspectors between jobs, and reach out to agents about inspection logistics or new requests. For example:

  • Send a text message to coordinate with other inspectors in the field
  • Quickly engage a local agent about the details of an inspection 
  • Troubleshoot an unexpected inspection issue (ex. I don’t have the correct key code for this inspection)
  • Coordinate inspection logistics with an agent while on-site 
  • Respond to a message from a customer to answer questions about an inspection report 

Having everything in one place when it comes to ongoing conversations is especially helpful for office administrators, managers, and schedulers at multi-inspector companies, where there are often multiple conversations being juggled at once. 

This Conversations feature requires Spectora Advanced and a Custom Number. This allows every company to control its own sending reputation and not be at risk from other users of the system. 

How will the person I am sending a message receive it? 

The recipient receives a text message directly on their phone. This is not a notification in the mobile app, but the message goes directly to the person’s phone (personal cell, work phone, etc). 

How will I know if someone responded to my message?

You will see a notification about new messages and responses to your messages in-app.

What if I have several people in my back office, helping to manage operations or schedule inspections? How will I know who sent the message?

The subtext of the text will always show when the message was sent, and who sent it. 

Learn more about getting started with Spectora Advanced here and about Spectora Conversations here

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