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What is a wind mitigation inspection, and why home inspectors should offer them.

Louis Martin 8/5/22 2:23 PM
home inspector conducting a wind mitigation inspection

A wind mitigation report is a special kind of inspection that provides information about how a home's roof is build, and how it is attached to your home. Not surprisingly, they are popular in Florida, which sees more tropical storms than any other state. Florida homes are often built with special methods to mitigate wind damage.

There are no states that require homeowners to get wind mitigation inspections. Instead, governments often require insurance companies to provide discounts for homes that have these modern construction methods. Some insurance companies require windstorm insurance, which a homeowner can't get without a wind mitigation report. All this adds up to one thing: most homeowners will want a wind mitigation report in high storm areas.   

What does a wind mitigation report check for?

 If you're a home inspector, here's what you'll be checking during your wind mitigation inspection:

  • The type of roof covers and the age of the roof
  • The type of roof decking
  • The lengths of the nails and their distance apart
  • The method used to attach the roof to the walls of the home
  • The shape and slope of the roof
  • Any materials between the cover and decking that will absorb water
  • Openings on the roof of garage doors like sunroofs, windows, etc.  

Can I use Spectora for my wind mitigation report?

Sure can. Spectora has a special template for Florida wind mitigation inspections, which you can use out of the box or make changes to yourself. We also have a "Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form" for Florida home inspectors specifically. Here's an in-depth look at our template. 

How much can a home inspector charge for wind mitigation?

Home inspectors often charge between $100 and $200 for a standalone wind mitigation. When bundled with a home inspection, they may discount it to $75 or thereabouts.

Can a home inspector do a wind mitigation inspection?

Yes, and it's quite common. A licensed general contractor can also perform these inspections, but inspectors have the advantage of being able to bundle the service with a regular inspection.

How much extra time does it add to my inspections?

Luckily, adding wind mitigation probably won't add more than 30 minutes to your inspection time, you'll already be in all the areas of a home needed for the inspection. Spectora has templates for wind mitigation reports, so it's not likely to add much time reporting either.

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Am I required to walk roofs for a wind mitigation inspection?

No, but you'll need to take pictures of the roof covering. The rest of the inspection can be done from an attic or visually from a ladder.

Is it profitable?

Yes. Charging an additional $75 - $200 for 30 minutes plus a little reporting time is a pretty good deal. Doing a few of these a week could easily net you an additional $10,000 to $25,000 per year.

Are they in demand?

States like Florida offer enticing insurance discounts for homeowners who get wind mitigation reports. So much so that the cost of the inspection will pay for itself in a year (and then some). Savings range from $50 - $1,000 on home insurance. It's a win for both you and clients.

Even better, a home cannot "fail" a wind mitigation inspection. If a roof has construction that exceed minimum standards, clients receive a discount. If not, then there is no penalty. 

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