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10 Best Gifts for Home Inspectors in 2023

Olivia Oksenhorn 12/21/23 8:31 AM

Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift for the home inspector in your life?

Whether they're a seasoned pro or just starting out in the industry, we have 10  tools and gadgets that are sure to enhance their efficiency, accuracy, and overall inspection experience in 2023.

And to any home inspector reading this, treat yourself this holiday season -- we sourced this list from real Spectora inspectors, so you can guarantee the recommendations will be good.

Just a note: we are not paid for any products linked, nor do we have any affiliation with any brands listed below. 

That said, here are our gift recommendations for home inspectors in 2023.  

1. Rechargeable Flashlight

A reliable rechargeable flashlight is a must-have for any home inspector. Look for one with adjustable brightness levels and a long-lasting battery to ensure they can illuminate even the darkest corners of a property.

Our recommendation is the SKNSL rechargeable LED flashlight. With a 4.4 average rating on over 300 reviews on Amazon, this is a tried and true option that should have over 12 hours of battery life between charges. 

Flashlight stock image  

2. Aerial Drone

If you're looking to spoil the home inspector in your life, look no further: an aerial drone makes a great gift for home inspectors looking to elevate their inspections with more tech.

With drones, home inspectors to capture stunning high-resolution images and videos of roofs, chimneys, and other hard-to-reach areas. This cutting-edge technology provides a comprehensive view of the property from above.

Our inspectors have recommended DJI drones for home and roof inspections.

Drone + residential roof  

3. Crawlspace Robot (Crawl Bot)

Number three on our list is a tool that is specifically built for inspectors: a crawlspace robot (commonly called a crawl bot) can be the perfect holiday gift for a home inspector. 

This compact device can access areas that are difficult for humans to reach, allowing for thorough inspections without the need for contortionist moves.

The crawlspace robot (shown below) GPK-32 Tracked Inspection Robot is recommended by home inspectors and is an InterNACHI certified superior product. Although it costs a pretty penny, the inspector in your life will thank you for saving them the pain of crawling around cramped crawl spaces. 

Crawlspace bot

4. Drill Extension Bit Holder

Give the gift of organization this holiday season (sounds cheesy, but hear us out). 

While it's small, a drill bit holder can be a game-changer for home inspectors. This tool not only adds a pop of color to the inspector's toolkit but also ensures that the right drill bit is always at their fingertips.

"For me, as stupid as it may seem, this bit holder is about as handy as it gets," Joe Boos, professional home inspector, says. 

Our home inspectors recommend the 6-color drill extension bit holder, With 600+ reviews and a 4.5 average star rating, other shoppers seem to agree that you can't go wrong with this handy tool.  

Drill bit holder

5. Power Block and Charging Cords

It's simple, but it makes a great stocking stuffer: get the home inspector in your life a power block and charging cords for their various devices. 

Home inspectors are constantly on the move and often have multiple inspections in a day, so having a portable power block and charging cords is essential. Get them the gift that ensures that their devices, from smartphones to other tools, stay charged throughout the day.

power block

6. Thermal Imaging Camera

A thermal imaging camera is a game-changer in the world of home inspections.

A thermal imaging camera allows inspectors to identify hidden issues such as insulation gaps, water leaks, and electrical problems by visualizing temperature variations. This advanced tool enhances the inspector's ability to spot potential problems that may go unnoticed by the naked eye.

Our home inspectors highly recommended the FLIR thermal imaging cameras. The FLIR E-series is the highest quality, and likely the model a home inspector will need. Seek Thermal thermal imaging cameras were also highly recommended by our inspector community. 


7. 6-Way Screwdriver or Cordless Screwdriver

Simplify the inspector's toolkit with a 6-way screwdriver or a cordless screwdriver. These versatile tools offer various bit options in one compact device, making it easy to tackle a range of screw types during inspections.

Our home inspectors highly recommended the Dewalt cordless screwdriver, which has a 4.5 average star rating on nearly 5,000 Amazon reviews.

"This thing opens up any electrical panel and any furnace that has screws. I use it every single day," professional home inspector Randy Lima says. "Many times I’m double booked with two houses each having three furnaces or multiple electrical panels and this thing lasts." 

Cordless screw driver

8. Digital GFCI Tester: 

Electrical safety is a top priority in home inspections. A digital Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) tester allows inspectors to quickly and accurately check for wiring faults, helping to ensure that electrical systems are up to code.

Why do inspectors love digital GFCI testers?

"My clients always comment on that simple technology because they just understand what it says and [do] not just rely on my interpretation of the regular tester with just lights," professional home inspector Damien Prescod says. 

GFCI tester

9. Selfie Stick or Extension Pole

A selfie stick or extension pole may seem like an unusual addition to a home inspector's toolkit, but it can be incredibly useful for capturing images in high or hard-to-reach places. This simple and affordable accessory adds a new dimension to their inspection documentation.

Selfie stick

10. Pressure Gauge / Water Pressure Test Gauge

Looking for a small gift for a home inspector? Look no further than a pressure gauge tester that will allow your home inspector to evaluate plumbing systems with ease.

This tool helps inspectors identify potential issues such as leaks, blockages, or faulty pressure regulators, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of the property's water system.


Water pressure gauge


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