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Switching to Spectora from ISN

Olivia Oksenhorn 6/13/23 12:18 PM

Thinking of makling the switch to Spectora Advanced? Here are the steps we have in place to make the transition easy (and of course, you'll have a specialist to help you throughout the entire process). 

How do I switch from ISN to Spectora?

While the prospect of switching software may seem intimidating, Spectora has all the systems in place to make the switch easy. Between data imports, a robust resource library, and world-class customer support, choosing Spectora Advanced has never been easier.  

Importing Data

Aside from learning a new tool, the most intimidating part of switching platforms can be importing your data. At Spectora, we have the resources to make the process easy. 

We are able to import your agent contact lists, client lists, and inspection records. Once your data is imported, any metrics will reflect your historical data in addition to any data input once you begin using the Spectora app.   

Learning the Business Tools

We know that learning new tools can be time consuming and often, the prospect of learning a new product can be the major hangup for companies looking to make the switch. That's why we've created a library of resources for companies transitioning to our product.

Between our onboarding checklist (built out with step-by-step guides for every aspect of the process) and Spectora Advanced tutorial series, home inspectors switching to Spectora will be supported every step of the way.  

Customer Support

To make the switch as seamless as possible, any home inspection company moving over to Spectora Advanced will have a specialist to assist them throughout the entire process. 

In addition to an onboarding specialist, home inspectors also have access to Spectora's Client Success team via chat bubble seven days a week.  

What is Spectora Advanced?

Spectora Advanced is the suite of business tools designed to save home inspectors more time, and make them more money.

With Spectora Advanced, growing home inspection companies can:

  •   Maximize automation through Advanced Actions, taking the time and energy out of monotonous (but necessary) tasks such as upsells, smart reminders, and contractor notifications. 
  • Categorize contacts and gain valuable insight into their agents and clients, and focus communication based on groups. 
  • Customize metrics to analyze data and make better, informed business decisions based on business insights. 
  • Minimize drive times by customizing service areas and maxizing efficiency.

Built for multi-inspector firms and growing solo inspectors alike, Spectora Advanced has the tools you need to run your company like a well-oiled machine. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will  I have someone to help me make the switch?

When you switch from ISN to Spectora Advanced, you will have a specialist to help you through the entire process. Whether you need assistance importing data or have questions about Advanced business tools, an onboarding specialist will be available to help you with the switch. 

Are Spectora Advanced and ISN the same?

Although Spectora Advanced and ISN have some differences, the tools largely accomplish the same goals: helping inspectors run and gain important insight into their businesses. To learn more about Spectora Advanced features and capabilities, click here.   

What is Spectora's data privacy policy?

At Spectora, your data belongs to you. Any partnership opportunities will require double opt-in from both you and your client, so you'll never have to worry about whether your clients are getting unwanted spam following your inspection. 

Learn more and read Spectora's full privacy policy.  

What happens if Spectora crashes?

Spectora has a 99.99% uptime, meaning that a crash of the software is extremely unlikely. 

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