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How to Become a Home Inspector in Texas

The real-estate market is thriving in the Lonestar state. We have a full guide on how to become a home inspector in Texas. You've probably heard people talking about how hot the..

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40 Blog Topic Ideas for Home Inspectors in 2022

Blogging is hard. But it can be worth it. Blogging can be equated to farming: it can take trial and error and a few seasons to see your crops grow, but once you start seeing..

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The Way You Communicate With Agents Just Changed Forever

If you're reading many of the same headlines I am, one thing is clear - remote work trends are going to look very different from now on.

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What Top Home Inspectors Across the Country Are Doing Now

I'm always fascinated how businesses in general react to slow economic times. Our industry is no different from others in that they go with the traditional playbook:

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Introducing Spectora Reviews! 

Reviews are a great thing to have - they give you insight into your customer’s experience, help your business grow, create trust with potential new customers, and so much more. 

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Don’t Fall for "Google" Scams

The Google Business Listing Scam While each scammer is unique, they all typically open with "I'm calling on behalf of Google" and then telling you that something is wrong with..

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10 Reasons Why Your Google Ad Campaign Isn't Converting

Note: If you're using Google Ads in easy-mode (I think they call it "express" or "smart mode") switch your account to the expert/advanced mode. In easy mode you can't modify your..

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The New Home Inspector Checklist

It probably seemed simple at first: I'll just start a home inspection business. Little overhead, minimal investment, a few certifications maybe. You'll be up and running in no..

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