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The Top Home Inspector Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Spectora 1/1/17 8:54 AM

We think Twitter is a great tool that all businesses should be using, including home inspectors. So we scoured Twitter to find the most helpful, active home inspector accounts. We looked for home inspectors that gave helpful, non-automated tips, advice and articles for other home inspectors, consumers and agents.

We're constantly adding to the list, so let us know if we left off a helpful account!

Mike Holmes - @Make_It_Right

This is an obvious one due to his hit TV shows Holmes on Homes and Holmes and Holmes (to name only a few). He tweets home improvement tips, show teasers, and a little insight into the show and his family.

Mike Chamberlain/MC2 Inspections - @mc2inspections

Boasting almost 30k tweets, he is one of the more active home inspection companies on Twitter. Based out of Denver, CO, he tweets helpful articles on home inspections and often re-tweets about the real estate industry.

Julian Cofer - @CoferInspection

Based out of Dallas/Fort Worth, Julian is a Marine Corps Veteran with a keen eye for detail. He posts helpful tips for home inspectors and homeowners, with pictures and all.

Greg Bowles/The Property Doctors - @Gregtbowles

Also based in the DFW area, he tweets some motivational stuff, home hacks, and home maintenance tips. He also has a cool, unique animated drawing as his Twitter banner image.

John Daigneault - @CanaSpec

John is based out of Ottawa and tweets about industry news, maintenance tips and helpful no-no's he comes across when doing inspections.

Gary Smith - @MSHomeInspector

Gary is a home inspector/construction consultant who is very active on multiple social media platforms. He tweets helpful articles & tips on home inspection and maintenance.

The Home Inspection Man Team - @HomeInsepctionM

Based in Chicago, the Home Inspection Man team mostly shares helpful articles from popular home improvement sites.

Know of a great account that we left off the list? Let us know in the comments or tweet at us - @SpectoraUpdates

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