What is Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)?

By Kevin Wagstaff • July 23rd, 2020 • 2 min read

Unique Value Propositions for home inspectors

You may have heard of a UVP, or Unique Value Proposition. Every company should be thinking about this.

The biggest companies in the world even need them.

In other words, how will a buyer or real estate agent know your business from others?

What will make them remember you?

This is hard work…

I’m on a quest to compile the best ones from our industry to help spark ideas. My goal is for you to push the boundaries and bring creativity to our space!

(Some of these aren’t truly unique, but if you’re in a market where others don’t use a certain integration or software, it counts)

Do you do free re-inspections?

Do you offer ancillary services? (Radon, termite, mold, etc.)

Do you use a drone?

Do you offer add-on services that help the homeowner? (Repair Pricer, HomeBinder, etc.)

Do you have a background in new home construction? Electrical? Plumbing?

Does your office handhold the scheduling aspect for agents?

Do you have helpful links in your report?

Do you have a killer agent newsletter?

Do you bring branded lawn chairs for clients/agents to sit on?

Do you bring water and snacks for your clients?

Do you take extra time to communicate findings?

Do you treat agents to a VIP sporting event each quarter?

Do you have 2 inspectors on each job?

Do your reports save agents time with a feature like the Repair Request Builder?

Are you personable and really get to know your agents?

Do you have a helpful YouTube channel with DIY videos?

Do you answer text messages at all hours?

Do you have online scheduling?

Have a UVP that’s not listed? Put it in the comments below!

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