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Introducing Spectora Reviews!

Spectora 2/18/20 4:59 PM

Reviews are a great thing to have - they give you insight into your customer’s experience, help your business grow, create trust with potential new customers, and so much more. 

We know how important reviews are to small businesses - you may have even heard us talk about them in the past, or seen articles we’ve written about the importance of reviews! 

You might be wondering what makes Spectora Reviews different from other review platforms - here is everything you need to know. 

What Are Spectora Reviews? 

Spectora Reviews are a similar concept as other platforms like Google & Yelp. It adds another source of credibility for clients and agents to see when searching for a home inspector.

Spectora Reviews are a way to get reviews directly from clients after you finish the inspection. Your reviews show up on your Spectora profile and directory pages.

What Makes Spectora Reviews Different? 

Google Reviews are most important for business rankings and search in Google, and are one of the quickest & easiest ways for people to find your business. Yelp reviews are also great, especially if Yelp ranks high in your local area.

However, Google doesn’t ONLY use Google reviews to determine the ranking given to websites in the search results, it uses various different sources & platforms to gather data. 

Basically, this means that having reviews on Spectora is one more source that Google pulls data from, and will help your company website rank higher in Google.

Which means - sending your customers to Spectora Reviews can only help your business grow & gain more visitors to your website!  

Why We Created Spectora Reviews

We have directory pages that showcase only Spectora inspectors. These directory pages help agents & clients find home inspectors in their city. 

Reviews are one of the time-tested, objective ways to present a list of providers.

As these directory pages start to rank higher in many markets the more important it is to have Spectora Reviews.

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