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23 Reasons to Switch to Spectora in 2023

Louis Martin 1/12/23 10:35 AM
a home inspector choosing between two inspection software platforms

It's a new year, and a seismic shift is happening in home inspection.

Inventory is still low, sales volume is down, and prices cuts are starting to happen in many markets as a result. In the long term, this is a good thing.  But in the short term, the entire home services sector is adjusting expectations.

In a hot market, the sheer number of home transactions almost guarantees that even mediocre inspectors can get jobs.

But now, inspectors can't afford to be anything less than the best in town.

If you're looking to make a change away from your old inspection software, here are a few (okay, a lot of) reasons why Spectora is the best platform to take your business into 2023 and beyond. 

Your reports will look better

Before Spectora offered a full suite of home inspection services, we were known for one thing: the best looking home inspection reports. We designed our reports to get away from the intimidating "wall of text" that makes reading and understanding them a chore for homebuyers.

Spectora reports are organized to be clean, with large HD images logically laid out on a grid. Your reports will shine. Look at some of our sample reports. 

Your agents want every edge

Cleaner and better home inspection reports aren't just attractive to homeowners; they matter to agents as well. Especially the Repair Request Builder.

Agents love to advertise the fact that when a homeowner hires them, they're getting a team. Making your agents look good with professional reports and emails may help you finally court that agent who hasn't been answering your calls. 


On average, our inspectors can complete a report on a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home in two hours, with a few minutes of proofreading at home. Many inspectors publish reports on-site. No more late nights writing reports at your kitchen table.  

You won’t lose reports

Reports are cloud-based and always backed up to your account. If you're in an area without internet access, your reports save locally to your phone or tablet and automatically back up as soon as you reconnect.

An amazing client portal

When your clients get a quote from you, they'll get a clean, neatly organized client portal. They don't need a password to log in. Your clients can sign agreements, and request more services like a mold inspection. Our client portal automates many of the tasks that you might have to do manually on the phone.





A better community

Spectora is known for having the most helpful inspectors in its online community. Better tools create happier clients. Our Spectora Facebook group has thousands of inspectors that can share experiences and business strategies. 

Online scheduling

Spectora can embed its online scheduler straight into your website, meaning you can get your appointments on the calendar even while you're inspecting. It can also sync with your Google or Apple calendar, so times you block off for personal errands don't get filled up with jobs. 

Auto sync

Where's the save button?! Spectora automatically saves your work with every action. If you have two or more inspectors working on the same home, it'll automatically sync between their two devices so they won't override each other's data.

Frequent updates

Our product and engineering teams release updates every few weeks that squash bugs, improve features, and introduce new tools to the app. All of our updates are posted online and in our monthly bulletin. 

Clear metrics

We love data too, but some software reporting can be unwieldy and bloated.  Our metrics dashboard shows you bottom-line data and infographics that give you clear insight into your business.

Consolidate software

If you're using separate software to schedule appointments, track your numbers, and send automated emails, Spectora can likely replace those with our own native features and save you money and the hassle of managing more logins and integrations.

Wind Mitigation and 4-point templates

If you're a Florida inspector, we have both wind mitigation and 4-point forms straight from the app, so you don't have to be digging through your truck for paper copies. They're easily printable too.


TREC-4 forms   

For our Texas inspectors, we have the latest versions of the TREC reports in the Spectora app, and you can also have your report converted to your custom template in addition to the state forms.

Mass emails

Spectora allows inspectors to set up a number of automated emails tied to various inspection milestones. That means that your communication with clients will run smoothly when you're in the field. You can set up reminders of appointments and payments, and even solicit clients for reviews after an inspection.

But it gets even better, you can also mass email your agents to send them newsletters, event invitations, or announcements (like your new Spectora reports!) 

Multiple streams of revenue

Mold, Radon, Sewer scope, air quality; Spectora makes it easy for you to recommend add-ons, and clients can request them directly from their client portal.

We also give inspectors the option to enable partnerships for clients. These will display services that a client will likely need during the selling process like homeowners insurance or movers. If a client purchases a service in your client portal, you'll get a referral bonus. Partnerships are completely optional, you can turn them off completely if you want to keep your client portal minimal. 

Customizable templates

Home inspectors love their reports, and Spectora is a customizable playground. We have dozens of templates from other home inspection companies. You can adopt them completely as your own, or build your new report from scratch. Coming from another platform? We can help you recreate your old reports, and maybe add some new tricks to make them even better. 

Huge template library

Inspectors can share their templates in the Spectora app, and we have dozens to choose from. InterNACHI has a standard template that many of our inspectors start off with, and any template can be further customized as you find your style and preferences.

Live support

You can contact our team on the in-app chat bubble during your inspections. Our response time is typically under one minute. We have a 98% customer satisfaction rating and our client support team is hands-down, the best in the industry.

Built to scale

When you're ready to hire help, Spectora will keep up. You can add new profiles to your account and give them the access they need whether they be inspectors or front desk support. There are companies with more than 50 team members in multiple offices using Spectora. There's no password sharing, no workarounds, and no glitches. It just works.

Industry data + knowledge

Spectora is always talking with and sharing data with, our community. Our podcast has over 100 episodes with everyone from first-year inspectors to the largest inspection companies in the country. We also publish industry data every quarter showing trends in the industry.

Professional, quality websites

We've made nearly 2,000 websites for home inspectors that are optimized to get found on search and drive traffic. We make beautiful websites that actually reflect your brand and style. Even better, we'll manage its hosting and updates. You even get unlimited edits. 

Amazing app for Apple or Android

We built our app to be mobile-first, with as little scrolling and tapping as possible. Use your iPhone, iPad or Android device and switch between the two for convenience.

We don’t sell your data

Spectora believes that you should own your data, so we don't sell it to advertisers or partners. We also don't contact any of your agents or clients. If you've had clients annoyed that they're being hit up by insurance companies or other home service outfits, you how important data privacy is.

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