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    home inspector interview

    I listened to over 100 home inspector interviews, here's what I heard over and over.

    Hi, I'm Louie. You may have seen me on the Spectora YouTube, social media, or blog. If you follow those channels, you know that we publish excerpts of the Spectora Spotlight..

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    Spectora industry snapshot deep dive

    Median solo home inspector revenue for October dropped 24%

    In October, we released our first-ever Spectora Industry Snapshot. Since then, we are still tracking industry data to provide updates. We just got some numbers in for the month of..

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    a home inspector quitting the industry

    Industry attrition, and why it's a good thing.

    This is a deep-dive behind some data in our latest industry snapshot, in which we analyze trends on the home inspection industry. 

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    New inspectors flooded the industry in 2021, but it may be over soon.

    For the past few years, it's been a good time to get into the home inspection industry. Home sales have been strong for the last decade, and really strong since 2020. But every..

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    part time home inspector

    Can you be a part-time home inspector?

    Changing careers is risky. Should you quit your job and live off your savings while you get your next venture off the ground? Many businesses require you to go "all in" from the..

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    home inspector conducting a wind mitigation inspection

    What is a wind mitigation inspection, and why home inspectors should offer them.

    A wind mitigation report is a special kind of inspection that provides information about how a home's roof is build, and how it is attached to your home. Not surprisingly, they..

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    how to become a home inspector in Ohio

    How to Become a Home Inspector in Ohio

    In 2019, Ohio passed legislation requiring home inspectors to get licensed from the state. This also required home inspectors to do some common-sense stuff to protect themselves..

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    how to become a home inspector in georgia

    How to Become a Home Inspector in Georgia

    Thinking about becoming a Georgia home inspector? Even in a market downturn, Georgia stands out as an area where the population is growing, along with the job market. Housing..

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    how to become a home inspector in colorado

    How to Become a Home Inspector in Colorado

    Thinking about becoming a Colorado home inspector? You've picked a good place. Colorado offers a healthy real estate market in 2022, combined with a frictionless process of..

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