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13 Unique Ways to Establish Relationships With Agents

Kevin 8/15/17 4:32 PM
tips for networking with agents

If you have pipeline of happy agents, you'll never want for work. But for a new home inspector, agents can be intimidating. How do you make friends with someone who always seems like they have too many friends? We hear this question asked so often so we curated some of the best ideas we hear in our daily conversations with experienced inspectors.

The most important thing to remember is that agents are professional networkers. They always want more contacts and more options. Don't assume they love their home inspectors. You could be approaching them at the exact time they're ready for a change.

Make a Better Impression With Your Current Realtors

This is an overlooked one but one we hear frequently from multi-inspector firms. They pay attention to the small details and their agents tell other agents in their office about you.

Here are some unique ideas we implement with our marketing plans and have heard from others:

  • Bring water and snacks to each inspection
  • Send a hand-written thank you card to each realtor you've recently gotten a referral from
  • Leave a review on Zillow or Facebook for realtors you've worked with and enjoyed - then let them know you've done so and look forward to connecting more in the future
  • Tag or include your agent on social media posts promoting them
  • Make a landing page for offices where you highlight agents that refer you

Join Local Chambers and Realtor Associations

This can often lead to being able to present at events or be included in lists that you wouldn't have access to otherwise. See if you can join online groups and forums as well.

These groups will often have happy hours or events where you can get face time.

Open Houses

This isn't easy or scalable, but we've heard this has worked well for some experienced inspectors when they started out.

Be prepared to be personable and chat about the local market. Bring water, a snack and business cards.

Don't Bring Doughnuts

Some offices and markets respond well to office presentations, some don't. Regardless, here are a few tips if you're going this route:

  • Keep your introduction and presentation pithy
  • Really amplify what makes you different from the next inspector
  • Bring fresh fruit or homemade meals to stand out
  • Let them know how easy it is to schedule inspections with you - text, email, call, online
  • Have a landing page on your website just for that office/company

Market Unique Offers

Do you offer free follow-up inspections? Text scheduling? Homebuyer's checklist that you email buyers?

Many inspectors we see are not marketing these great benefits enough! This should be on print material, on your website, and in many conversations you have with agents.

Make a Top Contractors List

Agents are always looking for top contractors for when clients ask them. Do the research and make a list of the top reviewed and rated contractors in your city. This will help your SEO, as well as position you as a resource with your agents.

Obviously you would properly disclaim that you do not guarantee or endorse the quality of the work, you've just done some of the research for them as a courtesy.

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Start a Mailing List That Doesn't Promote Yourself

We've heard from many top inspectors that they grew their influence and brand with agents by sending helpful content, consistently.

Writing or curating helpful content takes time or money, so be prepared. Agents are always looking for helpful articles to send to their client list.

Not sure what to write about? Click here to see our list of topic ideas to get you started.

Get on Zillow

Do a Google search for "real estate agents [insert city]". One of the first couple results will be a Zillow page that lists the top producing agents in your area. Notice the ones that are advertising at the top of the page.

Chances are these are the agents that are doing lots of deals and wouldn't mind giving you a chance to show why you're better.

Get on Social

Once you find those top-producing agents, you can't just cold email and ask for a referral. They need to see your brand name at least a couple times before trusting you.

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other social media platforms they use. Genuinely interact with their posts for a few weeks. Add to the conversation.

In lieu of a cold email, try direct messaging a few on social media. Sometimes agents are more likely to respond on a social media platform where they don't get a hundred emails per day. 

Run a Facebook or Instagram Ad

Did you know you can target just people that list their profession as "real estate agent"?

The key here isn't to just make a sales-y ad that says "call us for an inspection".

Remember above where we talked about writing helpful content? This is where you can catch a realtor's eye by promoting that content on a social media ad. It provides them value and builds trust.

Ask for Incentivized Feedback

Run a giveaway asking agents for feedback on your Spectora report. In return for emailing you, they get a Starbucks or Amazon gift card.

From there you can ask them more engaging questions, or simply ask them what it would take to earn their trust.

Host a Homebuyer Seminar/Zoom Webinar

This can be as complex as booking space at a local rec center or Realtor association, or doing it online.

Most homebuyers and sellers don't know what you know. Topic ideas:

  • Tips home sellers should know before selling
  • Common defects found in a home inspection
  • First-time homebuyer guide to major systems of a home
  • Red flags when shopping for a home
  • How to read a home inspection report


Get Certified to Teach CE Courses

This one takes lots of time and effort to get certified, but we have heard this work really well.

Check with your local realtor board or state on the steps to apply and get certified.



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