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Interview With a Top Montana Home Inspector: Doug Corbridge of Premier Home Inspection

Spectora 8/14/17 1:01 PM

Spectora recently sat down with one of the top home inspectors in Montana, Doug Corbridge, owner of Premier Home Inspection in Billings, Montana. We get his take on the local real estate market, advice for first-time homebuyers, and the weirdest thing he's seen on a home inspection.

Doug Corbridge - Premier Home Inspection

How long have you been in the home inspection industry? How did you get started?

Almost 10 years. I went to Home Inspection School in January of 2008 because I was tired of corporate america and wanted to utilize my business degree and years of experience in construction.

How would you describe your relationship with your real estate agent partners?

Just that. We are partners. They work on behalf of their clients and we work on behalf of their clients. We provide multiple avenues of communication and marketing opportunities through Premier Home Inspection to realtors. We provide their clients with the best inspection possible and take care of buyers and realtors post inspection with multiple warranties should anything unforeseen take place before or after their client moves into their new home. We offer the best home warranty in the industry. The buyer can truly have peace of mind with our inspections and warranty offers.

What’s your favorite part about the home inspection business?

The trust that agents and buyers put in us. We receive may thank you notes, texts or calls and have done multiple inspections for the same buyer. It is gratifying to know that you really helped someone during an important and stressful time.

Why do your customers select you over your competitors?

We care. We care that buyers are able to make an informed decision on the property they are considering. Our company is known for being very detailed with inspections and we are. The warranties we offer no one else can match. Buyers love that. Our prices are competitive and we spend time with the buyer and are available to them. We even do free re-inspections. We are FHA fee certified inspectors, 203k HUD certified consultants and teach first time home buyers.

What advice would you give to local first-time homebuyers?

Learn about the process of buying a home, ask your realtor questions, never buy a home without a realtor or without getting the home inspected. Hire us.

What’s your take on the local real estate market and where it’s headed?

We have the largest market in the state of Montana. The city population is growing and the supply of existing homes is not. New construction is on the rise. That can leave buyers with limited choices. I don’t see that changing for several years.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on a home inspection?

A working toilet in an attic. No, really.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not inspecting homes?

The outdoors, walking our 2 rescue greyhounds, being a volunteer at church sponsored events, working with challenged children, reading and I write some.

About Premier Home Inspection

Premier Home Inspection provides Billings area homeowners an array of inspection services and testing. From buyer and seller inspections to Radon, Lead Based Paint, Well Water, Mold & IAQ testing, Premier Home Inspection delivers high-quality home inspection reports with information you need to make informed decisions. Premier Home Inspection LLC is based in Billings, Montana.

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