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What Does a Home Inspection Report Look Like?

Spectora 12/10/17 1:38 PM
sample home inspection report


A home inspection is a necessary step in purchasing a new home during a real estate transaction. Most buyers don't know what to expect from a home inspection report or what's included in a typical home inspection.

We'll define a few basics and show you what a modern home inspection report looks like.

What is a Home Inspection Report?

A home inspection report is a written document a home inspector delivers to you after the home inspection is completed. It should include:

  • Images of issues needing attention
  • Descriptions of the issues and the potential impact
  • A summary to highlight the most important issues
  • An HTML and/or PDF version

What Does a Sample Home Inspection Report Look Like?

Many modern home inspectors will deliver you a report in a digital and PDF format, that is viewable on a mobile device. The home inspection report should be highly visual and easy to navigate with a table of contents and summary.

See some top sample home inspection reports in HTML format.

See a sample home inspection report in PDF format.

See a home inspection checklist downloadable PDF. 


Major issues and concerns should be easy to understand with annotations and descriptions.


Okay, but What Does a Good Home Inspection Report Look Like?

Not all home inspection reports are the same. If you're an agent looking to partner with an inspector, you want someone with good bedside manner, and a report that your clients will like. He's some things to put on your report wishlist:

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  • Reports should be readable on phones. And no, a pdf download that you have to strain your eyes to see isn't the same. Something formatted to be easy on the eyes is a big plus.
  • Cloud based reports are big plus, your clients will be able to access and share without having to download each time
  • Reports that emphasize visuals over text will be drastically easy for client to skim.
  • A table of contents that a user can quickly jump to various parts of the report is a plus.


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