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Spectora Inspector Spotlight: Nick Wright with Wright Choice Home Inspection

Spectora 12/4/17 11:50 AM

We recently caught up with Nick Wright of Wright Choice Home Inspection, a top home inspector in the greater Louisville, Kentucky area to talk home inspections, homeowners and his business.

We featured Nick because his business aligns with how we've built Spectora - an emphasis on customer service with a smile and utilizing modern technology.

Wright Choice Home Inspection boasts 16 5-star Google Reviews and a perfect 5 star rating.

How did you get into the home inspection industry? 

I believe fate led me into the home inspection industry. I have been in the commercial construction industry my whole career. A couple of years ago, I was working in a position that I wasn’t fully content in. My wife was a hair stylist at the time and just happened to have a client who owned a franchise of a home inspection business. They got to talking and realized I’d be perfect for home inspection with my extensive background and knowledge in the commercial construction industry. Jenny came home that day after their discussion and put the idea in my head.

I did some research and decided to take the leap and do something I’ve never done before by starting my own business! Two and a half years later I operate one of the most successful home inspection companies in the southern Indiana and greater Louisville, KY area. My wife Jenny now works full time for Wright Choice Home Inspection and we most recently brought on board our first additional inspector!

What has helped your business become so successful?

I believe my relationships in the industry and my personal approach to home inspecting has led to my success. I pride myself in inspecting each house as if it was my own. We always invite our clients to be part of the home inspection experience so that they can get to know their house before they make it their home.

How is the Wright Choice different from other inspectors in your area?

I like to believe Wright Choice Home Inspection has reinvented the wheel for home inspection companies in our area. I am one of the youngest and more progressive inspection company owners.

My up to date technology & tools, inspection software, social media presence and personal approach set me apart of the pack. I am always working to improve myself and my company to provide the best home inspection experience possible!

What is your favorite part about doing home inspections?

Every single day is different! I get to see different houses and meet different clients on a daily basis. I love to educate my clients about their home so they can take away some new information and knowledge about the home they intend to purchase.

What is your least favorite part about doing home inspections?

My least favorite part is not being at home with my family as much as I’d like. Being a family owned business, I am constantly on the go inspecting and fulfilling all the other aspects of owning a company. The highlight of my day is walking in the door to my family who is eager to see me!

What are the most common question homebuyers ask?

I get asked a lot to give my personal opinion and “Would you buy this house?”. I always explain that it is my professional duty to not be personally opinionated about the property, but to present the facts and deficiencies. The buyer can then evaluate my findings and make their best decision with the help of their realtor.

What do you do when you're not inspecting homes?

I try to soak up as much family time as possible. We have a Sunday morning ritual of having brunch followed by activities. Family and time with friends is important to me! I also enjoy working in the yard and keeping it maintained.

What tips do you have for new homeowners?

Maintain your home! If you keep up with the small things, it’ll prevent things from slipping away and creating larger issues. Do seasonal inspections and maintenance around your home and it’ll be in good condition years down the road. Many of these maintenance items are shown and explained during our inspection process.

If you're a local real estate agent wanting to get in touch with Nick, you can find him at his website or email him at

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