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Home Inspectors Share Their Craziest Inspection Finds

Olivia Oksenhorn 4/1/24 3:14 PM

Home inspectors truly see it all; from skate ramps in converted barns to bamboo growing inside fully finished walls, home inspectors are constantly discovering interesting (and alarming) finds.

We asked our home inspectors to submit their craziest finds and defects and they did not disappoint. 

A PSA to all current and future homebuyers: this is exactly why a home inspection is necessary.  Here are the thirteen most absurd finds from Spectora home inspectors.

13. Spray Foam Sealed Door

"Extra security with the 2x4 and sealing up the gaps with spray foam. Also, who needs a door handle" - Northway Home Inspection

Spray foam sealed door

12. Ventless Laundry Room

"This is a laundry room from a recently renovated almost 100-year-old home. At first glance, it looks like any ordinary laundry room/closet/area but looking harder, there's no dryer vent! I guess that's what the window is for" - Ryan R., Rzany Home Inspections LLC

TC_08755_result (1)  

11. Creative Container Usage

"One of many fun finds" -- Marc R., Striler Home Inspection

Screenshot_20240305_131609_Connecteam (1) 

10. Hole-y Ground

"You can't see it great in the picture but there is a full hole in the floor. If you stepped near it the floor visibly sagged about 2 inches." -- Ron B, May Inspections LLC

IMG_6698 (1)

9. A Crappy Situation

"Attached is a picture of when I was walking a roof and discovered…. poop! Yes, you heard me, poop...I'm not sure if it’s from an owl or what. Nevertheless, interesting" -- Logan L, Apex Home Inspections

IMG_9286 (1)

8. Wall Bamboo

"Bamboo growing inside the walls in a finished basement. I found a bit of moisture and further discovery found the rest. Water (and bamboo) always wins." - Amanda S., True Home Inspections

image0 (3)

7. A Mystery Note

"This was an odd one from 2023. The inspection date was December 18! We did not locate the Time Capsule, nor did we figure out what needed to be fixed!" -- Cody J., Green Door Home Inspections

Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 5.26.23 PM

6. Tale of Too Many Wires

"Found in a crawlspace at a house.  Owner said “my husband was an electrician before he passed, you won’t find any issues”. This was his solution for crawlspace lighting and an outlet." -- Dan B., All-Star Home Inspections

image0 (5)

5. Batsh*t Crazy

"Bat shiz crazy today" -- Todd E., Good Eye Home Inspections

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 9.09.55 AM

4. Indoor Skate Park

"Attached you will find a skate ramp in the second story of a barn turned garage.  With about 4 foot of headroom on the far side of the ramp for a skater to grind his or her board on the rail I wasn’t sure exactly what defect to write up first lol" -- James S., All SPAR Home Solutions

image000000 (1)

3. Concrete Sealed House

"The owner of this home was convinced that any outside air getting into her home was poisonous so she smeared quick mix CONCRETE all over her vinyl siding, sealed her garage and back door shut with it, smeared it around all of her baseboards inside her home, blocked all her attic ventilation, and covered all her roof vents." Michael H., Complete Check Inspections

image1 (2)

2. Sewer Rat

"The old rat cameo in the sewer scope..." Amanda S., True Home Inspections

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 8.49.53 AM 

1. Light Fixture Rain

"We were inspecting a recently flipped home that was taken down to the studs and were told by the listing realtor that 'the builder had confirmed the home was 100% Move in ready!' Not even 15 minutes into the inspection we knew that wasn't true... we had turned on the plumbing in the home to check for leaks and a few seconds later the client and their agent start yelling "TURN OFF THE WATER, IT'S COMING THROUGH THE LIGHTS!!!!"

It turns out that none of the joints were glued on the drain lines and water was leaking out of every joint connection in the ENTIRE HOUSE, even all the way to the basement! Needless to say, no one moved in anytime soon and they basically had to take it back to the studs to fix the plumbing again! ... even more surprising is the plumbing had recently PASSED the city code inspection! Just proves that EVERY house needs a home inspection!

What's even more sad? Is that so many people buy houses without an inspection condition, can you imagine somebody takes possession and goes to take their first shower, and all of a sudden water starts pouring out of the ceiling on the floor below. That would be devastating!"  -- Adam S., Homestead Inspections

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