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Should I use an Inspector that my Real Estate Agent Recommends?

The process of buying home may involve a surprising amount of decisions to those experiencing it for the first time. From finding an agent to submitting an offer, it seems there..

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For Sale by Owner vs. Hiring a Realtor

More and more nowadays when homeowners decide to sell their home, they think “Could I sell my home myself and save the Realtor commission?"

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10 Reasons Why Your Google Ad Campaign Isn't Converting

Note: If you're using Google Ads in easy-mode (I think they call it "express" or "smart mode") switch your account to the expert/advanced mode. In easy mode you can't modify your..

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Secrets of Successful Real Estate Agents

Many real estate agents fail in the first two years.

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8 Tips for Sellers Before a Home Inspection

A home inspection is a crucial step and often a deciding factor in the sale of homes for the majority of home buyers. 

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Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Homes can slowly turn into money pits if you fail to maintain and upkeep the structure regularly. For homeowners, maintaining the home year-round will prevent costly repairs from..

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