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    Realtors - Stop Asking Your Home Inspector for Discounts

    By Kevin Wagstaff • June 11, 2020 • 3 min read

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    Why Home Inspections Will Never be Virtual

    There is no shortage of "How X Will Change in a Post-Covid World" and "These Industries Will Never Be the Same" articles. Heck, I even wrote one last week.

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    The Way You Communicate With Agents Just Changed Forever

    If you're reading many of the same headlines I am, one thing is clear - remote work trends are going to look very different from now on.

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    What Do Real Estate Agents Want from Home Inspectors?

    Real estate agents and home inspectors work closely together, and oftentimes form friendships and working relationships that last for many years.

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    Secrets of Successful Real Estate Agents

    Many real estate agents fail in the first two years.

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    Home Inspection Checklist: Know What Should be Inspected

    Buying a home comes with various different things that buyers and sellers both need to do in order to make the sale successful.

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    20 Things You Should Know About Your Home Inspection

    Most homebuyers don't really know what it is a home inspector does. They just know they don't want to buy a house that has a ton of issues. We’ve put together the top twenty most..

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