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The Way You Communicate With Agents Just Changed Forever

Kevin 4/16/20 2:16 PM

If you're reading many of the same headlines I am, one thing is clear - remote work trends are going to look very different from now on.

As a home inspector that is in the business of building and maintaining relationships with agents, you need to be asking yourself some critical questions:

How will this impact how I communicate with agents?

What is my proficiency in connecting with people digitally?

Am I prepared to use platforms like Instagram, MailChimp, Twitter, Zoom, Slack, etc?

Many agents are not going back to an office

This is just a fact I am wrapping my head around with many businesses thinking this way. Real estate brokerages were already moving towards this. That just got accelerated 10 years.

Think about the fact that the average agent is a 55-year old woman. Do you think she's going to be in a rush to be in an office around other people after this?

Couple that with the fact that many large brokers are embracing the remote agency model to cut their commercial real estate expenses.

Bye-bye office presentations. Hello Zoom presentations.

Where do you start as a home inspector who has never had to do this?

For one, you embrace this as the new normal. Home inspectors are notorious for resisting change (amiright?) and being hesitant with new technology.

This is a new requirement to not get left behind.

Your competition is definitely thinking about ways to buddy up to your agents online. You have to protect that!

Next, you have to just start playing. Create accounts, tap around. Watch tutorials on YouTube. (There are thousands)

Here is one key that will help you if you're not as well-versed in digital communication:

Think about how you interact with people in real life. Now be that way on video. Type the way you speak when you comment or post on social media.

Another huge area that agents will rely on even more - your website. (You know who you are if yours was built 20 years ago and needs an upgrade)

This is now more than ever your brochure. If agents JUST see your site, what would they think?

Can't I just have my office staff or resident millennial do it?

No. Would you have them go meet an agent for coffee? Do a presentation to an office of agents you're trying to win over?

YOU are a huge part of your brand. YOU are what most agents think of when they send you business. Social media, newsletters and videos are all an extension of your brand. It will look inauthentic and miss the mark. Trust me, I see dozens of examples of this everyday.

Now they (or us) can do the design work on say, a newsletter or YouTube thumbnail. But not the content. It's got to be authentic and it's got to be you.

What if you *think* you already do "all the things" digital?

Then you're ahead of the game.

But more competition is coming, and coming quick. Think about every home inspector that has been meaning to get on [insert modern platform or way of communicating]. They are getting on Instagram. They are learning how to use Zoom.

This means you need to increase your activity on social and digital channels. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Already on Instagram? Post more often about more diverse topics. Try stories. Try doing an IG Live. Follow more agents everyday. Comment on more of their posts.
  • Already have a newsletter? How can you make it better? Can you find more interesting articles to send?
  • Already have a modern website? Do you answer every possible question a homeowner or agent might have when they hit your site? Do you have interesting blog posts, infographics, statistics?
  • Already used Zoom? Is your background in your home office presentable? Have you ever presented a SlideShare or Google Slides deck to a group of agents? Can you practice and improve?

Get Started Now

This is absolutely a trend that will separate winners from losers. You have to start momentum now to have a solid presence when things pick back up.

The biggest and best home inspection companies in the country are increasing their marketing and overall activity right now.

So take some of that wonderful free time during this lockdown and get active on the platforms where your agents are!

How do you think Realtor work from home trends will change as a result of COVID-19?

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