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    User Tips and Tricks

    We asked users what tricks and tips they had for those first coming to Spectora.  Here are a few:

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    tips for networking with agents

    13 Unique Ways to Establish Relationships With Agents

    If you have pipeline of happy agents, you'll never want for work. But for a new home inspector, agents can be intimidating. How do you make friends with someone who always seems..

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    The First Thing You Need To Do As a New Home Inspector

    There are over 266,000 Google searches per month having to do with home inspections.

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    Sample Home Inspector Introduction Letter to Realtors

    First impressions matter.

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    Should You Join a Home Inspector Association?

    For new home inspectors, joining a home inspection association can add yet another start-up cost. For experienced inspectors, it may not seem necessary if you have steady business..

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    SEO for Home Inspectors in 2023

    Search engine optimization (or SEO) is one of my most misunderstood practices in the home inspection industry. Here's why:

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    Understanding How Spectora's Save To Template Saves You Time on Mobile

    Saving defects and comments "to your template" is one the foundational features of Spectora. It not only allows you to save and pre-populate common defects and comments, but it..

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