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Examples of Unique Value Propositions for Home Inspectors

Kevin Wagstaff 9/25/23 8:26 AM

If you've spent some time researching how to market your home inspection business, you've probably come across the term "UVP".

While in business, we often use terms and acronyms that sound unnecessarily corporate or confusing, we promise having a UVP is important, and we'll break down why. 

A UVP, or a Unique Value Proposition, is really just a differentiator. It answers the question "Why should an agent or client use your business"?

As a newer home inspector, it might be hard to have a true answer to this but we coach all new and first-year inspectors to go through the exercise.

What is a UVP (Unique Value Proposition?

A Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is simply a unique advantage, benefit, or experience that a product or service offers to its client. You might also hear the term Unique Selling Proposition (USP), which is essentially the same thing. 

As a home inspector, your UVP should be something that truly sets you apart; it's the "superpower" you have that differentiates you from every other home inspector in your service area.      

What is not a UVP?

Now that we've covered what a UVP is, let's talk about what a UVP isn't

After teaching new inspector classes on business and marketing for seven years now, here are the same answers I hear that are not unique. As a bonus, I'm a former realtor and know what sticks (and what doesn't) with agents and homebuyers. 

That's not to say the following examples aren't important, because they are. It just means that these are the bare minimum, and are likely not unique to you or your business. 

Giving a Thorough Inspection

You better be, or you won't be in this industry very long. Giving a thorough inspection is table stakes to know the major systems and components of the home and inspect each of them and their sub-systems thoroughly.

Being InterNACHI Certified

We love InterNACHI. They are amazing partners and industry allies, and they deliver immense value to the home inspection industry. InterNACHI certified inspectors 

InterNACHI also has over 26,000 members. Being InterNACHI certified is a great value proposition, but it does not make you unique.

Good customer service

Good customer service should be the bare minimum. Realtors will simply not partner with you if they can't ensure a good client experience. 

Customers expect it all nowadays. So "good" customer service simply will not cut it, let alone differentiate you.

Examples of UVPs for Home Inspectors

We've seen thousands of inspectors market themselves. Here are some unique value propositions that we've heard and seen over the years.

Note that some of these are "features", but can be used in your package of UVPs.

  • Exceptional industry experience: A deep background in a relevant trade (construction, homebuilding, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc.)
  • One-stop shop: you offer a large variety of ancillary services, like mold inspections, pool inspections, or sewerscope. 
  • Above and beyond tech: For example, your inspection includes drone footage of the roof that gives clients a visual experience. 
  • Bonuses and freebies: You give something of real value for free (like annual checkup inspections or free pre-listing consulting). 
  • True industry expertise: You are all about education for your clients (think sending clients monthly newsletters educating them on taking care of their home). 
  • Premium inspection experience: For example, you bring branded lawn chairs and snacks/water for your clients and their families during the inspection.
  • Over-the-top dedication and thoroughness: You only schedule one inspection a day, or you bring two inspectors to each job. 
  • Premium realtor experience: You offer the agent time-saving tools like the Repair Request Builder
  • Standout content: You have a helpful YouTube channel with DIY videos that will provide exceptional practical knowledge to the homebuyer. 
  • Top-tier customer service: Communication is 10 times better than the average inspector (you answer at any and all hours via text, email, call, social, etc.). 
  • Above and beyond repair info: You offer repair estimates to help your clients understand what defects will cost.
  • Emotional intelligence: You can articulate how you have deep empathy for what your clients are going through. You address their fears and anticipate questions and needs.
  • Contractor recommendations: You have a list of vetted contractors to help your clients find solutions to the problems you just pointed out.
  • Staple of your community: Your company is embedded in the local community (this can be going to local events, sponsoring events, charities, sports teams, etc.).
  • Consistency of experience: You have a Standard of Practice for your client experience, not just the inspection.

How to Market your UVPs

Once you have your UVPs, you'll need to showcase them in your marketing. While you can highlight your UVPs in your conversations with real estate agents, you should also:

  1. Include your UVP(s) on your website
  2. Post about your UVP(s) on social media
  3. Highlight reviews that specifically mention your UVP(s) 
  4. Include your UVP(s) in your branding


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