Can You Make Good Money as a Home Inspector?


If you are thinking about becoming a home inspector (or if you already are one) you might be wondering if you can make good money as a home inspector. 

The answer? Sure you can! With any profession, if you work hard & are good at what you do, you can make a decent living. 

As a home inspector, the salary you make depends on many factors, so annual salaries vary quite a bit. 

However, the average home inspector salary in the US is around $58,000 a year

Factors That Affect a Home Inspector’s Salary

Unlike other professions – like software developers, doctors, accountants, etc.; home inspectors have varying employment statuses which determine salary (partially). 

Type of Employment for Home Inspectors

Home inspector employment falls under two main categories, self-employment as an independent inspector or working for a home inspection company

The most common types of employment in either category are: 

  • Self-employed, solo inspector 
  • Self-employed with 1 or more employees
  • Self-employed franchise owner 
  • Employee/partner of solo inspector company 
  • Employee of multi-inspector company 
  • Employee of franchised company 

Inspectors with the same employment status can have different incomes. This is because of the following factors. 

Geographic Location 

Where an inspector lives can determine how much they make. Some states have higher taxes than others, different housing markets, etc. 

Areas with higher demand for home inspections are where inspectors will make more money, as a result of natural supply & demand. 

Cities and states that have expanding real estate markets, more new home construction, & homeowners looking to buy and sell – are where home inspectors are higher in demand. 

Full Time vs. Part Time Employment 

An obvious factor, full time vs. part time employment determines salary. Full time inspectors will almost always bring in a higher salary than part time inspectors. 

Experience Level 

Experienced inspectors can charge more for their services. The longer an inspector has been in the business, the more hands-on & professional experience they have. 

This results in referrals, credibility with clients/agents, reviews, and overall ability to perform inspections. Experienced inspectors are higher in demand, and their clients are willing to pay more per inspection.

Licensed Professional Home Inspectors

Inspectors who are licensed and/or certified can make more money than those who have not passed or taken a licensing exam. Many clients will pay more for an inspector who is licensed, allowing them to increase their prices. 

Some states don’t require inspectors to be licensed, however clients often choose licensed inspectors over unlicensed ones. This is because having a license increases the trustworthiness of an inspector.  

Basic vs. Additional Service Licenses 

Inspectors who are licensed to perform only basic inspections are limited to one service offering, which means only one source of income. Inspectors who are licensed to perform more than one type of inspection can make more money from a single client

When clients can choose to bundle a basic inspection with one or more additional services (like a radon or mold test) the inspection cost is higher. This can increase annual salary over time, and is a great reason to get certified for additional services. 

Can You Make Good Money as a Home Inspector?

Choosing a career as a home inspector is a great way to make money and create a decent living. So yes, you can make good money as a home inspector. 

Just remember, you get out of it what you put into it, so investing time and effort into becoming a home inspector will pay off in the long run! 

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Brooke Dowell

Digital Marketing & Content Writer at Spectora
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