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Spectora for Real Estate Agents: How a Spectora Report Helps You

Kevin 7/17/17 1:08 PM


Hello, real estate agents! Does one or more of your home inspectors use Spectora for their home inspection reports? If so, you're in the right place. Let's break down how Spectora makes things easy for agents, too.

1. Table of Contents & Jump links 

Say goodbye to difficult navigation. Spectora reports have a side table of contents that allows you to easily jump to any section to quickly see images and get the information you need.

2. Report Filters

Only want to see the major defects following a home inspection? Easy filters allow you to dynamically change the report to only show you major safety items or all defects.

3. Summary

Our quick summary shows you how many items were inspected (may not show on your inspectors' reports, as this is an optional feature) so it keeps the defects in perspective to your client. Additionally, our report summary also shows you how many big-ticket items you need to negotiate for.

4. PDF & PDF Summary

Although web-based reports are easy to navigate, we know that there is a need for PDF reports as well. View the PDF version of the report or download the PDF Summary to attach to your state's repair request document.

5. Deficiencies 1-Click Copy/Paste Text

Easily copy/paste your inspector's language into your state's repair request document with the Deficiencies Text Generator.

6. Agent Co-Branding

Stay top-of-mind with clients and align yourself with inspectors who use cutting-edge technology and the latest tools.

With Spectora, homebuyers can click directly from the report to email or call you with questions. This makes for seamless communication, and more brand impressions for you. 


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