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The Pros and Cons of Cloud-based Home Inspection Software

Spectora 12/15/16 4:36 PM


Whether you use Google Docs, Dropbox, Netflix/Amazon Prime, or Pandora/Spotify, there are many examples we can all relate to in the shift from desktop apps to cloud-based software.

For those inspectors that are considering a move from desktop, download-able software to a cloud-based solution, here are a few pros and cons of web-based home inspection software.


  1. You can access your data, reports and settings from multiple places or devices
  2. No hassle of downloading and installing the latest version - you're always up-to-date
  3. Continuous bug fixes
  4. Continuous new features
  5. A hard drive or computer crash won't result in data loss - we retain multiple daily backups of the database
  6. Lower upfront cost compared to desktop software
  7. Fixed monthly cost no matter how many inspections are done
  8. Little technical skills required - just log in and use
  9. Your data is secure - we use encryption on all server communication, as well as encrypt your password in the database so your account can never be compromised
  10. We use the same infrastructure (AWS) that powers Amazon, Netflix, Reddit, and Dropbox, so you can feel secure that Spectora hardware is the best in the business
  11. We are able to communicate with you directly via your dashboard


  1. Software speeds are dependent an internet connection, so cloud-based software is not recommended for those without decent connection speed
  2. You don't "own" the software, but rather pay for it as a service, which is a departure from the old paradigm (however, even if you cancel your service your data will be accessible to you forever)
  3. If you preferred an older version of the software for whatever reason, you would not be able to preserve this

If you've always been a user of desktop software, we understand this is a departure from your norm. That's why we offer a free trial - 5 free inspections, full use of the software platform, and no obligation or risk.

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